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It's easy to sell online if you learn how to build business websites that work. The problem is, however, that many business owners go about it all wrong...

They usually do one of two things. They either go online and find a company that allows them to build a free business website (or a very cheap one). They put up a site and then wait for people to find it. Unfortunately, they don't get many visitors, so they need to get the word out. How do they do this? By handing out business cards and paying for expensive advertising...What started off initially as a free business website now actually starts costing quite a bit of time and money.

Of course, if they have the budget to afford to hire someone to build a website, they may take another route. They find a local person who specializes in this field to set up a professional website for them. It looks great, and they are very happy with the results! However, soon they realize they have the very same problem that they would have had with a free business website, which is low traffic to their site. This is because it takes more than just a beautiful website to make money It takes website traffic. Do you have already have a business website, and want to see how your site ranks against all other sites on the web? Check your Alexa ranking on this page.

The company I decided to build business websites with is Solo Build It! (SBI!). I wanted to learn how to build my own website for a network marketing business I was in, which then led me to building more websites, like this one which is focused on hiking and camping gear. Once I saw that it was fun and easy to build a website using their tools, I didn't want only one site!

If you are already a business owner, you probably have products or a service you are looking to market online. Maybe you are a band looking for gigs, and you want to learn how to build a band website and get more local shows scheduled. Or maybe you sell real estate and want to generate real estate leads yourself. Or you own a restaurant and need to get more guests into your establishment. There are all sorts of possibilities. Here is how Solo Build It! helps:

For local small businesses, SBI! will teach you how to build a website that gets found by all those people searching online locally for what you have to offer. You will learn how to distinguish yourself from the competition. Want to learn more? You can access your own free Local Business Masters Course here.

Or maybe you sell a service that doesn't require only a local market. Even if you were only thinking local to begin with, you may be able to expand your service business globally. Want specific information on doing this? Click here to access your own free Service Sellers Masters Course.

Perhaps you don't sell a service, but you sell products or hard goods that you either make yourself or purchase wholesale from a supplier. Maybe you are an artist who wants to sell your art online, or a craftsman who wants to learn how to sell your crafts online.

Rather than only relying on local traffic who visit your actual store (if you even have one as this can be quite expensive), why not build a business website that allows you to sell your products online globally?

Whatever it is you are looking to accomplish online with your own business, Solo Build It! can help you learn how to build a website yourself that is successful and makes you money.

Do you know you need to do something different? I highly suggest using the tools to build business websites at SBI! Of course, if you think SBI! sounds great, but you just don't have the time or desire to build business websites yourself and would rather have specially-trained professionals do the work, Site Sell Services can take care of building your site for you, as well!

Build It!

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