Using a Camping Shower Tent

Having a camping shower tent for use in the outdoors can certainly make your trip more comfortable. Many come with a 5-gallon container for water storage, which is typically heated up by the sun (if it is warm and sunny out).

In addition to being used for camping showers, these pieces of equipment also can provide privacy for getting dressed and changing clothes, and can also be used as a portable restroom.

What happened to "roughing it?", you may ask...Well, this is just an option and certainly many people don't use them. However, they can be a good choice for those who don't like having to leave all the comforts of home behind when they are camping.

I like using them, especially when having kids along, as you can make your own restroom inside of it just outside the door of your tent. Just think of how inconvenient it is getting up during the night to use the campground restroom. Sometimes it is quite a walk in the dark! With one of these, you wouldn't need to go through this if you didn't want to.

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