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So, which camping tents are best? That really depends on your preferences. There is no single best kind for everyone.

What season of the year do you plan to use it in?

When shopping, you should look for something that is a 4-season type if you have any desire to use it for winter camping. If not, don't worry about getting anything warmer than a three-season model, and even a basic lightweight tent can work if you are only going out in very warm weather.

How many people will you need room for?

When looking at sizes, remember that when the manufacturer says that it is a certain size (2-person, 4-person, 6-person, etc.), this is the maximum amount of people it is recommended for...not the ideal amount! I suggest purchasing a tent that has a capacity of at least two people more than you ever plan to have sleeping in it, especially if these people need a lot of room and will be storing backpacks and luggage inside.

Do you need a bigger, family size tent? Click here to go to Family Camping Tents page or here to find even bigger ones than your typical family-size styles (multi-room tents sleeping 8, 10, or 12 or more people).

You will need to consider the weight of your product if you are planning to use it while hiking or bicycling for hours. Get something that the manufacturer says is lightweight if you plan to carry it any distance. Click here to view lightweight types for hiking.

An Inflatable tent can make your hiking and camping experiences easier because they are lightweight and are much easier and quicker to set up than traditional ones with aluminum poles.

What kind of comfort level are you looking for? You might be interested in my page on waterproofing your tent or my page on camping in luxury.

Tent color can also be a factor. Did you know that in some areas of the country, you are not allowed to use anything that isn't earth-tone because you are supposed to blend in with the natural scenery. In this case, look for something that is brown, tan, or green. Canvas products are made from natural materials and usually come in earth-tone colors.

If you have a favorite manufacturer of camping gear, you can visit their specific page on my site to learn more about some of their best-selling tents. Just click on their corresponding link from the following name brands (listed in alphabetical order below):

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