Canvas Camping Tents

Canvas camping tents (often referred to as a car camping tent) have advantages and disadvantages. Many of us grew up with these...We slept in them in our backyards on summer evenings or packed them up in the family wagon to sleep in during our annual summer family vacation.


Canvas is made from natural material, so it is environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. This quality is usually a big plus for nature enthusiasts!

The natural material and color of canvas camping tents is going to reflect light better than a darker color would, and will provide a cooler indoor temperature than nylon. This will be helpful if you are planning to stay in a very warm area.

One other factor is that unlike nylon, canvas is extremely durable and can be repaired easily if it should tear. If the material should rip, you can simply sew a patch on top of the spot or sew the ripped area together, and it will be fixed. On the other hand, if you get a tear in a product made from synthetic material, you may very well have to replace the whole thing.


The biggest concern with purchasing a canvas tent is the weight issue. Canvas is much heavier than nylon, and cannot be easily carried.

The second issue is the fact that although it will be very durable and weatherproof, it will not be waterproof. How many times do you remember waking up in a wet tent as a kid? I know I do.

And if the person who has to carry the tent thought it was heavy to begin with, just wait until it gets wet!

All-in-all, though, this type may be a perfectly good option for you, and is a very popular choice for families who are going to be driving to their campground.

When considering whether to get this type or not, I suggest thinking about the weather conditions you will be facing, whether you will have to do any amount of walking to your campsite, and if the fact that canvas is a natural and environmentally-friendly product is of great importance to you. Then, decide accordingly...

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