Family Camping Tents

When looking for family camping tents, you should think about your needs and comfort level...

How many people are going to be sleeping in it? Make sure you do not buy one that says it is a 4 person tent if you are planning to put that many people in there...Get one that the manufacturer says is for 6 people in that instance. Always buy at least a size bigger or you will have no room for your camping gear!

Do you want more than one room for privacy? There are different styles available, and you may want a big one with two or three rooms.

What season of the year are you going to be using it in (if, like most people with kids, you are looking at summer camping only, then a traditional 2 or 3 season car tent (usually made of canvas, and heavier and more durable than other types) may be the way to go.

If it will be hot weather only when you'll be using it, you can get one designed specifically for summer camping only. Some of these come with screen rooms built in, which is nice for being able to catch a cool breeze while avoiding the mosquitoes and other bugs.

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Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent

Eureka Copper Canyon 1610 Tent

Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room

Eureka Headquarters Luxury Family 12-Foot by 8.5-Foot Six-Person Two-Room Tent

Eureka! Copper Canyon 1312 Eight-Person 13-Foot by 12-Foot Family Camping Tent

Coleman Instant 14- by 10- Foot 8- Person Two Room Tent

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