Choosing a Hiking Backpack

When choosing a hiking backpack, you will find a selection ranging in price from less than $20 on up to several hundreds of dollars. There are name-brands that are going to be extremely deluxe, and able to provide everything you could possibly want; however, you do not necessarily need to spend a lot.

Those experienced with outdoor gear will probably be familiar with brands such as Arc'teryx, Gregory, Osprey, and CusCus. Although all of these companies produce top-of-the-line equipment, you will also be able to find cheap backpacks made by these manufacturers, as well.

When buying something, I suggest reading product reviews and making sure to check on the size and weight. Go for the lightest one you can find in the price range you can afford, and your back will thank you!

Below you will find some external frame backpacks on sale at Amazon right now. These products are more sturdy and usually provide more room for all your equipment...

Pictured below are deals on light backpacks without an external frame (also known as hiking daypacks). Benefits to this type of hiking gear include the fact that they are lighter to carry and usually less costly than external frame backpacks. As their name suggests (hiking daypacks), they are ideal for short hiking trips, but not so good when you have a lot of camping equipment to carry with...

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The Best Backpack Guide is your ultimate resource for getting the facts on backpacks before you buy a favorite brand or style. Backpack reviews will help you pinpoint unexpected benefits and discuss potential problems, so you make the right backpack decision.

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