Camping and Hiking Clothes

What hiking clothes are needed to get the maximum enjoyment out of your outdoor experiences?

Basically, you will want to start with a good pair of hiking boots or shoes (click on the tab to the left to see more information on this topic). Comfortable footwear is the most important item of clothing!

Next, you will want to make sure you have different layers to wear, so that you will be warm when starting out in the morning, and then able to shed layers as it warms up.

Do you plan on swimming? Pack a swimsuit, too!

Something you will need (unless there is no chance of precipitation where you will be at) is some rain gear, as well.

Much of this clothing you will already have at your house, so this needn't be an additional expense on your part; however, if you don't have it all on hand, you can find everything here.

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