Using an Inflatable Camping Tent

If you are considering buying an inflatable camping tent, there are some on the market that really work well. They are nice products because one of the major things people don't always enjoy about camping is that it can be time-consuming to have to set up and tear down camp. With an inflatable tent, this isn't a problem.

The Nemo Equipment 2-Person Morpho AR Tent is a good product for someone looking for something small (2 person). It is lightweight, has no poles, comes with an air pump, can be set up in 45 seconds, and is a 3-season tent.

Making something like this (inflatable, without poles) is a fairly newer idea, so there are not at all as many of these products on the market. Also, they tend to cost more than traditional types.

A top producer of these products is a company called Nemo, Inc., which was founded in 2002 in New Hampshire. They have implemented something called Air Supported Technology (AST) in many of their products. Through this process, hikers and campers are able to blow up inflatable ribs by using a pump rather than having to use aluminum poles for assembly. This makes Nemo's tents more lightweight, much quicker to assemble and disassemble, and actually stronger than those that require aluminum poles.

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