Innovative Camping Gear

Using innovative camping gear, which is new and unique camping gear that isn't quite as primitive as traditional camping equipment, is becoming something that outdoor enthusiasts are gaining interest in. In our everyday lives, we are not used to sacrificing our comfort, and this idea is going hand-in-hand with the way many people are choosing to experience the outdoors. Sure, we love to get away from it all, but most of us would rather not have to get away from every single modern convenience we have grown accustomed to.

As a result, some people are paying hundreds - and oftentimes thousands - of dollars to tour guides who take them on luxury camping trips. In this way, they are able to get outside, see a bunch of great nature, but not have to give up all the comforts of home. These tour companies provide campers with high end camping gear. You can do this all yourself, however, without having to pay for a tour guide, with the right supplies, depending entirely on your needs and desires.

Although opinions vary as to what constitutes "luxury camping", at a minimum it is having things that you could live without, with you to use. Some of the high end camping gear that might be found on a luxury camping trip could be a large heated tent, down-filled blankets and pillows, air mats, a heated camping shower tent, coffee presses to enjoy fresh morning coffee, coolers, a computer, a cell phone, and a GPS unit. Also, anything else that you really don't want to live without can be added to your own list.

When shopping for equipment to make your trips easier and more enjoyable, just envision what you would like to be doing on your trip each day, and ask yourself what kind of products might help make these things easier to do...

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