Lightweight Sleeping Bags for Summer Camping

Look for lightweight sleeping bags when planning a summer camping trip, as you and your family will not be able to sleep if you don't have products that are meant for use in warmer weather.

Summer sleeping bags are the easiest to find and usually the most affordable, as you do not need to pay for something with any special insulation.

Kids can easily use their personal bags from home if you wish, and you will need nothing fancy, unless of course, you want it.

Coleman sleeping bags can be an economical choice for use in warm weather, such as the Coleman Clear Lake Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag or the Coleman Willow Creek Warm-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag.

Keep in mind that if you are over 5'11", you will probably not fit into a standard-sized adult bag, so make sure you check the manufacturer's length suggestions carefully for each product.

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