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Before I tell you about Site Build It! (SBI), please allow me to tell you a little about how I finally got to where I am, selling hiking and camping equipment online. It's not a really pretty or proud story...

For years, I had a real interest in being able to sell things online. I realized that more and more each year, people were shopping for products online. But how could I, a novice at website building, become a part of that?

I started out by signing up online for services that promised to build a free business website for me, but I never received a visitor to my site...

One day I attended an extremely exciting and motivating website-building workshop that was so convincing, I ended up buying not only one, but six sites at once! That's right, I was so convinced this was my big break to be able to make money online that I pulled out my credit card right there and then and signed up for six websites for a total of $6000! Wow, was that a mistake...but that wasn't even the end of it. Not even close...

After I purchased my websites, I went home and started trying to figure out how to build my first confusing! I spent hours each day trying to figure it all out before just about giving up. Well, the people at the company I bought them from (who shall remain anonymous, as their product might actually work for was confusing as heck for me, though) must have noticed that I wasn't accomplishing a thing, so they called to offer me "help" with building my website. For a whole bunch more money from me, my husband and I could get flown out out of state for an intense two-day conference that would explain everything we needed to know about building a successful online business. And by the end of our two days there, we were ensured that we would have our first website up and running.

Wow, this was exactly what I from someone who knew what they were doing...but it was definitely costly. I mean, I was already beginning to feel as if I had gotten in a bit over my head. I was beginning to feel the desperation setting in, and needed to succeed! So, you guessed it...I ended up going to this conference that was going to explain everything and change my life forever...Wrong!

In the end, I had to give up on those websites...I just could not figure it out, I was getting charged a $25 per month hosting fee from the company for each website I was attempting to build, I was trying to repay the debts I had incurred from the purchase of the sites and the conference, and I was going broke!

Well, then I found out about Site Build It! Why, oh why, did I not hear about this company and product before I went to that first conference put on by that other company...that company that I spent thousands of dollars on to no avail?!!! Oh well, live and learn, right?

Site Build It! is everything I was looking for and could ever hope to find as a means to be able to sell things online! It allowed me to set up this hiking and camping gear website, where I can sell camping supplies and other products to people all over the world. It brings me in free traffic, it's easy to use if you follow the instructions, and it is so inexpensive compared to the competition (if you can even call the other companies that build websites competition, as SBI! has by far the best product)!

Site Build It! is the only product that takes the time to get you prepared for business success, before you jump into building your site. If you are a beginner, your learning curve will be shorter and you'll detour around those mistakes that many newbies make. For those who have experience in building websites, Site Build It! increases your level of understanding. No matter who you are or what your level of prior experience, you are guided all the way until you achieve what you want.

With Site Build It!, I was able to build a website without html knowledge of any kind...I didn't need it! But if I want to learn it, I can. In fact, I have not only built this hiking and camping website, but I have two others, as well. You see, once you see how well the product works, you will probably start wondering what the best products to sell online are, and come up with all sorts of ideas, because Site Build It! has all the tools to research them all.

I certainly cannot explain all the features that SBI! has to offer to you, but if you want to take a closer look at them, simply click here.

In a nutshell, with SBI! you will be able to build a business website that gets found by the search engines - giving you free traffic that keeps growing month after month, year after year. You will also have access to the same web building training taught by many colleges and universities today - but without having to pay what college students are paying! All this is included when you subscribe to SBI!, plus a whole lot more.

Is it going to take some time to learn how to build a website and to apply your new knowledge? Of course...this is not some get-rich-quick scheme! Do not use Solo Build It! unless you are determined to succeed and willing to do some work to build a successful site. Is it doable? You bet it is...take it from someone who didn't know much more than how to send and receive emails, surf the web, and copy and paste not all that long ago. Is it worth it? See for yourself...

Solo Build It!

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