Vasque Hiking Boots

Vasque Hiking Boots have been being manufactured since the 1960's, after the founder of the company, William D. Sweasy, spent time traveling in Europe, and noticed how so many Europeans were extremely into backpacking through the mountains. Having an entrepreneurial mind, he knew that this was going to catch on in the United States, as well.

Some of the more popular styles of this brand include the Vasque Velocity, Sundowner, Breeze, and Blur styles; however, you may be familiar with others, as well.

When shopping for these and any brand of hiking shoes or boots, always make sure you read the comments left by others who have experience with the product you are thinking about purchasing, as these reviews can be extremely helpful! Because everyone's feet are different, it will be impossible for one brand or style to please absolutely everyone, but I definitely recommend forgoing the purchase of any one item, in particular, that does not have an average rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

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