Winter Camping Tents

Are you adventurous and taking a look at winter camping tents? I know a lot of people who enjoy hiking and camping during the warmer parts of the year, but have no desire to try it out in any type of even semi-extreme condition (like even anything less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit...)

I have to admit that I am like that myself. I simply do not like the cold weather, but I have read about and talked to others who enjoy winter camping, and there are definitely a lot of products out there that are going to make your experiences much more comfortable.

Unlike your summer camping tent, you will not want to take what you buy lightly (i.e. try to get by too cheaply) if you want good protection from the elements. It certainly doesn't matter if you have a cheap tent in the summer, and all that happens is maybe it gets torn or lets a little rain or some mosquitoes in; however, you do not want to be exposed and risk any injury by not having a good-quality product when you're out in the snow - especially if you will be quite a ways from civilization.

This page focuses on tents for winter camping, and here are my suggestions for some of the best ones, based on customer camping tent reviews...

Marmot Thor 2-Person 4-Season Tent

MSR Storm King Tent

These are just a couple of the camping tents you'll find for sale when you shop online.

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