Winter Camping Sleeping Bags

When looking for sleeping bags for winter camping, make sure to check to see the manufacturers' temperature suggestions for each product.

For camping in cold weather, a good choice is usually a goose down sleeping bag. There are a couple reasons for this...

Down is lightweight so it will be a lot easier to carry than a product filled with synthetic insulation. In addition, down will trap air and act as a natural insulator much better than synthetic material will.

There are a couple of disadvantages to down, however...

The first is the cost, as these products are usually more expensive than those made with man-made insulation. Also, if down gets wet, it will provide virtually no protection from the cold. So make sure you either find a product like this that says it is waterproof or water-resistant, or be careful not to get it wet!

Some of the better-known producers of this type of camping gear include Slumberjack, Marmot, Kelty, Big Agnes, Eureka, High Peak, Western Mountaineering, Snugpak, and Teton. You will be able to shop for winter sleeping bags from these companies - and many more - at Amazon.

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